Rabbit Boarding & Guinea Pig Boarding

‘Giving Your Pet the Time & Care They Deserve’ rabbit and guinea pig boarding

A warm and friendly family Holiday Home for your Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. With a wealth of experience and an incurable love of animals, you can be sure your pet will have the best care and attention.

We have lived in Stonesby for 14 years and we know all the clean great places to pick milk thistles, dandelions, cow parsley, chick weed, sticky bud and much more. If you see us in our Morris Traveller parked by the side of a field we wont have broken down – we’ll be picking goodies for the Buns & Piggies…………

Large Rabbit Hutches – Perfect for House Rabbits & Outdoor Rabbits – Toys for Rabbits already @ Hop Inn for the Buns to Keep Them Busy

Great Sized Guinea Pig Hutches and Lots of Things to Hide in and Under

Please feel Welcome to visit.

Hop Inn Home - Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding

Hop Inn Home Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding

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“Fun things in life are meant to be shared” 

In a ‘Nutshell’ – ‘Strive for perfection in everything you do.  Take the best that exists and make it better.  When it does not exist, design it’  -  We Did…………… Our Tunnels & Cubes have added features that benefit both pet and owner and we are delighted with the results – we are certain you will be too….It’s JUST Fun!

With traditional values and modern touches we strive to give the best of everything…

Rabbit TunnelRabbit in TunnelHop Inn Cubes

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding accommodation in Leicestershire Rabbit Pet Tunnels and Cubes


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